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Service and retail companies

Quality monitoring

Quality monitoring as a method uses trained professional evaluators who are able to perceive how well details of a concept have been implemented. The method is ideal for the evaluation of concepts that are specific and technical (typically comprising dozens of details).

Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping research uses Service Plus trained and controlled evaluators to assess the success of certain key aspects of a sales or service concept. The operating area covers the whole country.

Test customer research

The test group making the observations comprises genuine local customers that conform with the client’s target group in the localities where the units to be evaluated are situated. The strength of this research is that the group can comprise a mixture of different types and ages of customer. This helps to evaluate how the staff copes with different customer groups and how sensitive they are towards them in typical service situations in genuine conditions.

On test visits the customers handle some business of their own. In this way the service situation remains genuine and the staff will find it easier to accept the research and its results as the service situation measures a real routine on a routine day.

The evaluation of a service situation (comparing what has happened with a service concept) is carried out by Service Plus professionals. The report is an extensive summary of a series of visits comprising a large volume of genuine customer comments. The visits have been generally broken down into 50-100 quality criteria. The report allows the user to follow each service situation stage by stage.

The same service method can also be used to monitor the efficiency of electronic customer service as experienced by a genuine customer.

Post-visit interviews

In addition to recorded calls or organized test visits, implementation of sales or service models can be measured by interviewing customers after the service situation has ended.

Benchmarking research

Contact Centers

Call Plus®

The Call Plus service is based on the evaluation of genuine, recorded service situations. With the help of recordings customer calls can be ‘chopped up’ into easily understandable sections which can then be used for training and to provide feedback for staff. The method is based on the evaluation of customer encounters from a number of angles (multidimensional analysis)

The calls are evaluated in detail according to how the targets set deriving from the client’s promises to customers have been achieved. Call-specific quality profiles which describe the attainment of quality criteria both numerically and graphically can then be produced. In addition to the professional evaluation (concept implementation angle) customer comments on the success of the service can also be included in the evaluation. For the purpose of studying the entire service product the report includes a graphic section which shows in an easily understandable way the consistency of the service quality in the core areas of the service concept.

In addition to the unit level, reports on the results can also be produced at team and personal level (service profiles).

Call Pro®

The aim is to provide Contact Centers with a tool for internal evaluation of their service contacts (i.e. organizations can evaluate their own success). Another aim is to produce a centrally maintained system for decentralized organizations that creates a database on the expertise of the organization that is open to all.

Call Pro is a service package (a knowledge and experience transfer project) which comprises software and related training and consultation.

In practice this means that Service Plus transfers the company’s Call Plus level professionalism and expertise in customer experience evaluation and the related data processing system to the use of its clients. This will allow the evaluation of e-mail messages and web contacts as well as phone calls. The system is operated by a web browser from the user’s own terminal. Call Pro requires the client to have a call logging system. It is also possible to include customer experiences from internally evaluated calls in the Call Pro system.

Call Pro enables organizations to produce personal feedback (service profiles) and support professional growth at the agent level. From the superiors’ point of view, Call Pro creates a uniform description of what is good quality service in individual cases and provides tools for observing, motivating and leading a team. From the organization’s point of view, Call Pro provides above all an opportunity to control what goes on during customer encounters and thus ensures that promises to customers are honoured in a uniform manner. Call Pro also gives an opportunity to control the implementation of sale and service concepts.