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About the company

Oy Palvelu Plus – Service Plus Ltd
Kumpulantie 3
00520 Helsinki
tel. +358 9 3487 7600
e-mail: firstname.surname(at)

  • Oy Palvelu Plus – Service Plus Ltd began operations in 1987 in cooperation with the Swiss-based Service Plus Ag

  • Service Plus is a specialist in CEM research as part of the development of service and sales processes

  • The company is owned by Finnish private individuals

  • Managing Director Mikko Hartikainen

  • Service Plus is a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association Europe (MSPA Europe) and FAMRA (Finnish Association of Marketing Research Agencies). Jukka Rastas (Chairman of the Board) is also a member of ESOMAR.

For further information, contact us:
Mikko Hartikainen, Managing Director
Katja Kaukoranta, Director, Marketing and Customer Relations


How to invoice us

Palvelu Plus - Service Plus Oy/Ltd accepts invoices in the electronic format:
E-invoicing operator: Liaison Technologies, operator code: 003708599126
E-invoicing address (OVT): 003706502087
VAT: FI06502087

If you wish to send a paper invoice, please send it to:
Palvelu Plus - Service Plus/Ltd
Purchase Invoices
P.O. Box 122

If you wish to send an invoice as an PDF attachment, please send it to:


The management system of Oy Palvelu Plus - Service Plus Ltd complies with the requirements of the standard SFS-ISO 20252. Certification covers research on quality of customer interaction - measuring service and sales processes. The certificate is issued on 2010-10-05.