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Service Plus Ltd

Today’s service companies can resort to a growing number of practical tools for evaluating their operations. A great deal is talked about such things as mystery shopping and secret visitor visits. Information, however, is of real benefit only when the procedures, concepts used and the end use of the information obtained are founded on the very core of the business operations to be measured.

As founder and managing director of Service Plus I have been in a position to follow the improvement in the quality of our client companies’ operations for over 25 years. I am proud that we have been able to play our part in this achievement.

Over the years, our role has clearly changed: we are today more Customer Experience Management (CEM) specialists than a traditional market research company. We use a variety of methods to produce information on what really happens in customer encounters. This enables our clients to honour their promises to customers in a consistent manner.

Jukka Rastas, Chairman of the Board