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Palvelu Plus Oy:n puheenvuoro MSPA:n konferenssissa

Palvelu Plus Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Jukka Rastas piti MSPA Europen (Mystery Shopping Providers Association Europe) konferenssissa Bukarestissa 15.-16.5.2013 puheenvuoron aiheenaan Case study - How Mystery Shopping goals correlate with real behaviour of customers.

MSPA Europe kertoo uutisletterissään konferenssista seuraavaa: 

14th MSPA Europe annual conference - Bucharest, Romania

The theme of this year's conference, FAST FORWARD `to the future and Fortune`, encouraged us to take peek to what future will bring the Mystery Shopping industry and explore the mysteries of Customer Service Measurement from new angles and with different perspectives attracted over 200 delegates from 40 countries.

Experts from the worldwide business of mystery shopping gathered in Bucharest, Romania to discuss included mystery shopping experts, providers and clients, discussing vital areas of interest to both large and small companies.

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